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Shar Pei as a breed, along with some other popular breeds, have a predisposition towards a condition known as entropion, whereby the eyelids may roll inwards, resulting in the eyelashes causing irritation to the cornea.

Reputable breeders have made tremendous strides in this area by breeding for a bigger eye and the incidents of surgery being required have all but been eradicated. However, people considering buying a Shar pei should be aware of this problem and should always consult with the breeder of the puppy should a problem arise.


Everyone should speak at length with the breeder of their puppy and discuss tacking. If you are purchasing a puppy with “show potential”, be reminded, in April 2008, the Kennel Club issued a directive that Shar pei who had been tacked after that date would not be eligible to be shown…so ask the question!

Dedicated breeders are relentless in their pursuit to eradicate eye problems and great strides have been made over the last fifteen years. However, it must be said that this issue will not be resolved overnight and some puppies may still require “tacking”, but, if the progress is maintained in the next few years equal to that already made, then breeders are certainly on the right track and should be encouraged to continue their best practises.

Ashowai Shar Pei
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