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The Shar Pei Club of Great Britain offers its members the opportunity of joining its “Breeder of Merit” scheme. This title will be a real and unequivocal bench mark of quality; run by Shar Pei people for Shar Pei people.  

This is a scheme which is achievable. 

All members will be issued with a Certificate, promoted in Club publications and on the Club web site, showing all Accolades achieved. This should help to promote responsible breeding and assist prospective puppy purchasers in finding a happy, healthy puppy from people who have made a commitment to follow good breeding practises. 

This is Free of Charge.

Criteria to be met for Approval:

  1. Been a member of the SPCGB for 2 or more consecutive years. (In the case of a partnership, each person to have been a member for 2 or more years) i.e. – a FULL member.

  2. Have held a KC affix for 2 or more years.

  3. To have been involved with/owned the breed for a minimum of 3 years.

  4. To have attended a SPCGB Health seminar.

  5. To health test their stock under the SPCGB Health Scheme.

  6. Complies fully with the SPCGB Rules & Code of Ethics. 

Accolades Attainable:

  • PHR&PS: All breeding dogs and bitch’s to have a SPCGB Preliminary Health Report & Patella Score.

  • POAG/PLL: All breeding dogs and bitch’s to be DNA tested for POAG/PLL.

  • DNAP: All breeding dogs and bitch’s DNA Profiled.  

  • SB: Owned a Shar Pei who has gained a Stud Book number.

  • BSB: Bred 3 Shar Pei who have gained a Stud Book number. 

  • CH: Bred a Shar Pei Champion.

  • JS: Has attended and passed a SPCGB Judging Seminar. 

  • JL: Is on the SPCGB Judging List. 

  • JCC: Judges the breed at CC level. 

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