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Preliminary Health Test

The Shar Pei club of Great Britain continue to be actively involved in promoting healthy Shar Pei. We need your support and participation in this scheme to make a difference to the health of our breed.

Our Objectives; 

  • To promote good breeding practices with the emphasis on producing happy healthy puppies that are fit for function and for life.

  • Educate Breeders Owners and Exhibitors in the importance of health testing when available.

  • Protect and Preserve the future of the Shar Pei.


Testing for the future of the breed, The SPCGB advocates the health testing of all Shar Pei (not just show dogs) and advocates that, to build a strong foundation for the breed, all breeding stock is health tested

Preliminary Health Report Certificate;

  • To be awarded to all Dogs & Bitches who pass the SPCGB Preliminary Health Report

  • We have a list of vets who have agreed to take part in the scheme

  • A charge of £35.00 + vat has been agreed

  • However you can take your dog to the vet of your choice that is not on the list knowing that a variation in this price is possible

  • We will be adding more vets as we go along and if anyone has a particular vet they think would like to take part please let us know


The Health Report; 

To apply for the form you will need

  • KC Registered Name

  • KC Registration Number

  • Dogs Date of Birth

  • Microchip number

  • Registered Owner Name & Address


The Health report is a general check by the vet of your choice to say the dog is healthy & fit for function. It is NON INVASIVE.


Please contact the person named below for more information and /or the preliminary test paperwork.

Heather Morris (SPCGB Breed Health Rep)

The Preliminary Health Report

Ashowai Shar Pei
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